Please click on the links below to read the research papers resulting from the work done on the SPACESTORM project.

Research Papers:


Ganushkina, N. Y., O. A. Amariutei, D. Welling, and D. Heynderickx, (2015), Nowcast model for low-energy electrons in the inner magnetosphere, Space Weather, 13, 1634, doi:10.1002/2014SW001098

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Meredith, N. P., R. B. Horne, J. D. Isles, and J. C. Green (2016), Extreme energetic electron fluxes in low Earth orbit: Analysis of POES E > 30, E > 100, and E > 300 keV electrons, Space Weather, 14, 136–150, doi:10.1002/2015SW001348.

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